Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Companies may sponsor research senior projects via the ITP 461/462 Senior Project course, a two-quarter long course starting Fall (September) to Winter (January).

Read the guidelines for industry-sponsored senior projects and the example of an industry-sponsored senior project proposal. Project proposals must be submitted to course instructor, Dr. Koushik Saha.

Submitted project proposals will be reviewed to evaluate if it is meeting our course learning objectives and the students can finish it in 20 weeks, subsequently you will be notified if the project is accepted by the course instructor.

Students will be informed about the available project which can be used towards their senior project, it is the students’ prerogative if they want to work on the project, therefore there is no guarantee if your project will be selected as a senior project.

Below are examples of some senior project titles:

  • Greenwashing Audit: A Study on Green Claims in the Consumer Packaging Sector
  • The Effect of Unitized Mixed Loads on Compressive Force and Load Stability
  • Comparison Testing of High and Normal Performance Stretch Films
  • Stability Testing of Multiple Unitized Load Configurations
  • Fabrication of Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) composites and effect of MOF particles on the thermal and mechanical properties, and crystallization kinetics of PLA films
  • Using Eye Tracking Technology for Packaging Usability
  • Study of Pallet Vibration on Tractor-Trailer Storage Structures
  • Usability Testing of Packaging with Surgical Technicians and Nurses at Sierra Vista Medical Center

If your company is interested in collaborating in this type research projects, you will be required to execute a class project agreement between Cal Poly and your company as per university requirements. These agreements will be needed in case the project requires that the students be using university assets for their study. Accordingly, the sponsoring company will be charged a mutually agreed upon fee for equipment usage, usually they are up to $5,000.

For more information please contact Dr. Koushik Saha.

Useful documents for industry-sponsored senior projects: