About Us

Fueled by the globalization of manufacturing and customer-supplier relationships within the rapidly expanding and dynamic packaging industry, typical job functions now demand a balance of science, technology, and business based disciplines. This trend has been enabled by new approaches to value chain management, product development and packaging technology as the North American packaging industry pursue new business opportunities in the diverse global markets.

Cal Poly’s Packaging Program has established a strong position amongst the leaders of pioneering undergraduate packaging education. Since 1988, Cal Poly has been accommodating the needs of the global packaging industry through the diversification of its academic offerings. With the synthesis of technology, science, and business delivered through the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, Cal Poly is providing the packaging industry with exceptional employees that are able to function across workplace silos from the onset.

Following is a summary of the continued evolution of Cal Poly’s Packaging Program. The program is expected to have approximately 350 undergraduates and 30 MS students during 2018-19.