Our objective is to provide an intensive Seminar experience that you can transform into profitable results. Presentations will develop the major Topics of: Packaging; Logistics & Cold Chain Issues; and Food Safety, Tracking & Traceability. Panel sessions anchored in real-world applications and science-based insight will provide a deeper dive into issues as well. In this interactive environment, you will have the opportunity to engage with fellow professionals and experts in their fields, sharpening your skill-set, and benefiting from the wisdom of experience. This is where technical know-how and the evaluation of fresh packaging trends meet, and you can derive valuable takeaways for your business.

FreshPACKmoves will also feature a workshop Solutions Panel – basically, a lively forum for discussion that will delve into specific questions and challenges shared by Seminar attendees. So, bring those ‘difficult issues’, and our panelists will help you find a way forward!

And, the Seminar wouldn’t be complete without our Field Tours of major grower/packer/shipper operations in the Salinas area. These boots-on-the-ground tours and demonstrations are sure to deliver valuable lessons for all participants.



Packaging Innovations

With the growing needs of fresh produce packaging industry, you need a clear understanding of these significant trends throughout the value-chain for perishables. Presentations will help you to identify key packaging objectives, analyze the ROI of investments, and explore related innovation in packaging materials and solutions.

Packaging Performance and Functionality

Whether you are selecting packaging for a new product offering, creating retail- ready packaging, or redesigning a packaging system, you require greater insight into everything from improved materials to enhanced merchandising and communication with consumers.



Fresh Safety Forum

With a rapidly changing regulatory environment, and heightened consumer awareness, this panel discussion brings together major stakeholders in the safety chain for fresh perishables. Receive frontline updates, and bring your questions for discussion within this collaborative forum.

Traceability and Environmental Monitoring

Responding rapidly and obtaining accurate data in the event of a food safety incident requires end-to-end traceability. A case-study will highlight the advantages of a holistic trace-back system and new technology for assuring traceability of fresh produce.



Temperature-Sensitive Logistics

Starting with farm operations and post-harvest handling, to packing lines, transportation and the ‘last-mile’ of distribution, maintaining cold-chain integrity is essential for quality, and consumer satisfaction. Getaninsider’s view into advances in cold-chain technology, research, and best practices.

Packaging for Optimized Logistics

Research highlighting advances in design and deployment of transport packaging systems for the fresh perishables supply chain.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is charged with translating Perishable Quality Initiatives into packaging, supply chain logistics, and food safety solutions for their company should attend the FreshPACKmoves Seminar! This would include: new product development directors & managers; packaging designers & technicians; marketing directors & managers; sustainability program directors & managers; food safety & QA directors & managers; purchasing personnel; process engineers & operations managers; and management staff in fresh product operations, processing plants, transportation, distribution centers, and retail stores. In addition, regulators, industry suppliers, media, and other professionals focusing on perishables would profit from attending this value-packed seminar.


Speakers and panelists for FreshPACKmoves will be thought-leaders from: fresh perishables industries; the retail customer base; distinguished faculty and research partners at Cal Poly; respected industry consultants; and the technical resources of the packaging, service, and technology vendor community. The seminar format is built around key interactive forums, maximizes question & answer opportunities with presenters, encourages networking time, and creates a vibrant atmosphere for immersion in the topic areas.

Field Tours

Our signature Field Tour program will transport seminar participants out of the classroom space, and in to the heart of grower / packer / shipper operations in the greater Salinas area. These tours and demonstrations will provide valuable real-world perspectives – check our website for Field Tour details!


The FreshPACKmoves Exhibit Zone is an unusually focused opportunity for you to connect with a dedicated group of suppliers offering a range of products and services tailored to perishables applications. This showcase will present new and emerging packaging systems, transport packaging management and full-circle logistics service providers, and technologies specifically developed to support the perishables supply and safety chains. Come to investigate the rich options, and leave with actionable information to fast-track your company’s projects!